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Information about Loading efforts in Chromium

Last updated May 2021

North Star

Loading on the web is user centric, sustainable, fast and delightful.

  • user centric: the experience is described through key user moments or needs, and assessed against a perceptual model of performance.
  • sustainable: a sensible contract between Web developers, UA and users about how a web application loads, with usage of memory / power / data that is proportional to value.
  • fast and delightful:

These are the goals we should strive for.
Some aspects might be extremely challenging but making progress toward these is what should drive our work.

How do I find out what's happening?

  • Communications: is our public discussion group for all things related to Loading in Chrome.
  • crbug: blink

I have a reproducible bad Loading user experience, what do I do?

  • As a user:
    • File a Speed bug
    • Include the "Loading" keyword in the subject if the issue fits within the scope of the North Star.
    • If you are not sure, don't include the "Loading" keyword, triage will make sure it shows up in the right bucket.
  • As a chromium developer
    • Same steps but try to record a trace (select every trace categories on the left side).

I'm a dev and interested in helping on Loading. How do I get started?

Reach out via loading-dev@ and tell us more about you:
  • share your particular interest and expertise
  • tell us how familiar you are with chromium development
  • point to CLs if not a lot of developers are familiar with your work