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Animation Team

Primary contacts:,, or find us on


The Animation Team’s responsibility is to own, evolve and maintain:
  • The Web Animations engine (core/animation, cc/animation)
  • The Web Animations API (core/animation/*.idl)
  • CSS Animations and Transitions (core/animation/css)
We’re also active on the Web Animations specification and are the primary authors of the Web Animations polyfill.


Last updated: September 2016

Bug Triage

We are responsible for bugs filed in the Blink>Animation component. We enforce the following protocol for these bugs:
  • The bug is not filed against any other component at the same time.
    • There is an exception for "meta" bugs for tracking projects that cross multiple code areas. These bugs have no work associated with them; all work for these projects should be tracked in dependent bugs which follow the one-component rule. These "meta" bugs are identified by the label "Objective".
  • The bug has an Update-* label, which gives a target for how often the bug should be updated.
    • Update-Quarterly bugs are looked at during our quarterly planning and are not necessarily updated with a comment.
For more information, see the doc introducing the update scheme.


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