Blink API OWNERS Requirements

Requirements for API owners:

  • Chromium contributor in good standing, with a commitment to Blink’s mission: To improve the open web through technical innovation and good citizenship

  • Commitment of 1-2 hours per week to review intents, in addition to the API owners meetings

  • Demonstrated understanding of the Blink Launch Process [Evidence: Shipped APIs following this process]

    • Internalized the principles and emulated them. [Evidence: links to their own Intents with discussion threads highlighting how things like interop, compat were tackled]

  • Demonstrated knowledge and ability to review Web Platform features. [Evidence example: Input/guidance on 10+ blink intent threads over the past 6 months]

Optional, but desirable qualifications

  • Mentored other teams through the API process. [Evidence: Mentorship feedback/notes, links to threads they chimed in on, that were not their own intents]

  • Contributed to improving the API process. [Evidence: Process improvement proposals, process documentation]

  • Experience navigating disagreements/contention. [Evidence: Examples of such discussions on any public forums, not necessarily Blink intents]

Becoming an API Owner

Candidates that meet the qualifications can be nominated by a current API OWNER to the rest of the API OWNER group.
The nomination will include an explanation as to why the candidate meets the criteria above, including links to evidence to that effect.
A nominee will be appointed to be an API OWNER once the nomination gets 3 LGTMs and no vetos.
Once the nomination is approved, an email will be sent to the blink-dev mailing list announcing it.