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Blink Network Stack

This site is about networking related code in Blink that bridges web platform APIs such as XHR, WebSocket, etc. to the network stack in Chromium.

Networking APIs team: tyoshino, yhirano, ricea
Blink loader: japhet


See chromestatus for status of
  • XMLHttpRequest
    • Conformance improvement and code clean up
    • Streams API integration
  • WebSocket
    • Moving the stack from Blink to Chromium
  • Streams API
    • Spec and experimental impl
  • Promises
    • DOM: done / v8: ongoing
Blink internals
  • WebSocket stack moving from Blink to Chromium

Issue Triaging and Tracking

Mailing lists

  • blink-network-bugs notified when a bug is labeled with Cr-Blink-XHR
  • websocket-bugs notified when a bug is labeled Cr-Blink-WebSockets
  • Discussion should happen at blink-dev and/or chromium-dev with "[net]" prefix if appropriate

See also network-bug-triage.