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Slimming Paint (a.k.a. Redesigning Painting and Compositing)

Slimming Paint is a project to reduce the time spent creating painted output from Blink (i.e. the code now in the Source/core/paint/ directory) and getting it as quickly as possible to a rasterized state on the screen.

The biggest component of this is a major rewrite of the Blink<->cc API to work in terms of a global Display List rather than a tree of cc::Layers (~aka GraphicsLayer in Blink terminology).
To get a sense of the extent of this rewrite, one side-effect will be the deletion of the code in Sourcecore/rendering/compositing/.

Q4 2014 goals

  1. Design work on Blink and cc-side complete and published to {blink graphics}-dev

  2. PaintLists implemented for all content in Blink (except the stragglers)

  3. Remove main thread calcDrawProps and replace with flat list of cc::Layer plus transform, clip and scroll trees


BlinkOn 3.0 Presentation, video (start here to find out more about the project)

Project Management docs

Weekly meeting notes are here (Google only, sorry. silk-dev google group has public version)

The Blink-side work is ongoing, and has two major components: implement the Display List version of Blink's painting code (tracked here), and factor Blink's painting code into the core/paint directly (tracked here).
Ongoing tasks are coordinated in this spreadsheet (NOT crbug).

Code reviews are cc'd to

Core team members

Chris Harrelson (chrishtr@), overall TL
Philip Rogers (pdr@) Blink
Stephen Chenney (schenney@) Blink
Levi Weintraub (leviw@) Blink
Tien-Ren Chen (trchen@) Blink
Fredrik Söderquist ( Blink
Ali Juma (ajuma@) cc
Andrew Woloszyn (awoloszyn@) cc
Ian Vollick (vollick@) cc
Adrienne Walker (enne@) cc

A number of other people are involved at least tangentially for design discussions and related projects.

Design Docs

Some out of date/historical docs are here.

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