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Commit Queue Stats

This dashboard provides a quick view of the health and performance of the Commit Queue.

Past Week - A Deep Dive

These graphs give a view of the CQ over the past week from several different perspectives.  The charts are taken from the CQ Stats spreadsheet, which is available for detailed viewing of individual runs.

CQ Master per-run metrics

Past Week CQ Master Runtimes by Status

Past Week CQ Master CL Counts by Status

CQ Master performance

The CQ Master failures here include runs that are expected to fail (due to bad CLs, typically).

Past Week CQ Pass/Fail Rate

CQ failures are manually categorized by build deputies.  Runs that pass or are aborted are not included here.

Past Week CQ Master Failures

The CQ does its job if it either passes or fails because something is legitimately wrong with either a CL under consideration or code in ToT (e.g. through chumping).  Aborted runs are not included here.

Past Week CQ Did Its Job Rate

Historical Perspective

These graphs show CQ Master performance over the past week, month, and quarter for a couple metrics.
The graphs are only visible with corporate authentication.  They are taken from the Graphite instance running at http://chromeos-stats/ on the corporate network.  If you are interested in different graph configurations you can go directly to the source there.

CQ Master runtimes over recent history.

CQ Master CL counts over recent history.