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Presubmit Hooks


When you run `repo upload` to upload your local commits to Gerrit, a preupload phase runs. This is used to run linters or local unittests to catch various common errors.

These can be customized on a per-git repo basis. You can have custom scripts execute using the hooks phase, or opt in/out of common checks that are kept in the main upload script.


You can find the main preupload script in the src/repohooks/ directory.

Per-project Settings

All settings live in the PRESUBMIT.cfg file in the root of the git repo.

Hook Scripts

You can run arbitrary scripts with the hooks section.

[Hooks Scripts]
hook0 = ./
hook1 = some-program 2>&1

Make sure you send stderr to stdout.

You can list as many/few scripts as you want. Just keep adding a unique number after the "hook" key name.

Common Flags

Since many tests are not specific to a repo, we make them available we enable them on a global basis. You can see the current list by looking at the _DISABLE_FLAGS dict in the file itself.

[Hook Overrides]
cros_license_check: false

New Common Checks

When looking to add a new check, you should first consider whether it would benefit more projects than just your own. If so, you should add it to the repohooks/ file itself.

Commit Queue Settings

This isn't directly related to repohooks, but you can learn more about COMMIT-QUEUE.ini in the Bypassing tests on a per-project basis page.