Setting up your Account on

Initial Account Setup

If you want Gerrit access for Chromium OS/Chrome OS please use the updated instructions. 

NOTE: If you are a Googler, use your account for and for

These directions will work for everyone (unless otherwise noted).  You do not have to be an "official" Chromium contributor or Googler or anything else.  Anyone can create a gerrit account and upload changes to it.  We restrict access by only allowing certain people to approve changes before they're allowed to go into the main tree.

Here is how to get started:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Register in the upper right hand corner
  3. Click "Register with a Google Account"
  4. Select the account you want to use, or log in to a different one
    1. Googlers: remember to use your account for this step
  5. In the Settings page, set your name and pick a username
    1. Googlers: make sure your username is the same as your which is the same as your which is the same as your LDAP username
  6. Add your SSH public key (usually is ~/.ssh/
    1. Add all public keys if you don't know which one you are using and don't want to muck with .ssh/config
    2. You can add/remove keys at any point in the future
  7. (optional) Play around with Gerrit and repo in the "playground"
    repo init -u
    repo sync
    cd src/foo
    repo start bug1 .
    <edit/commit some files>
    repo upload . --cbr

P.S.: Click on "Save Changes" and "Select username" button to make sure your changes are saved.

Following steps are for Google committers only

  1. Goto and verify you are logged into your account
  2. In the same window and session, load
  3. Repeat steps 1-6 above from Initial Account Setup.
  4. Register your with gerrit-int
    1. Click on "Settings->Contact Information->Register New Email"
    2. Enter your account
    3. You will receive a verification e-mail -- click the link in it
    4. Don't forget to set your address as Preferred E-mail
    5. You do not want to "Link another identity" under the Identity settings
  5. If you skip these steps, repo init may fail saying "not a Gerrit Project" or other weird ssh errors
  6. If you mess things up, you will have to contact people to get things fixed -- see the end of this document

Troubleshooting Gerrit Account issues

  1. In a new incognito window, go to and log in with your account
  2. Log Out.  Wait 1 minute.  Log back in.   [If you got migrated to GA+, this should fix your account.]
  3. Click on "Settings" at the top right corner.  Make sure the "Username" is set to your LDAP username.
  4. Make sure your "Full Name" is set correctly under "Contact Information"
  5. Make sure your SSH Public keys are correctly added. Add both your and if you have one.
  6. Close your incognito window
  7. In a new incognito window, go to and log in with your account
  8. Repeat step 3,4,5,6
  9. In a shell, type "ssh -p 29418 gerrit ls-projects"
    1. If you get an error, please mention "ls projects fails on gerrit" in your problem description
  10. In a shell, type "ssh -p 29419 gerrit ls-projects"
  11. Your username (`id` in your shell) should match your LDAP username and the gerrit/gerrit-int username

Open an issue at (Under Build Infrastructure) to troubleshoot.

More reading on Android's Git Workflow using repo/gerrit and a life of a patch.

Uploading your changes for review

You can use "repo upload . --cbr" (instead of "git cl upload").  Use "repo help" for options on adding reviewers and CC'ing developers from the command line.  You can do this from the Gerrit web interface too once you upload the change.

More documentation on Uploading changes for review.

Watching Projects

You can select Projects (and branches) you want to "watch" for any changes on by adding the Project under Account Settings --> Watched Projects

Please feel free to add/modify any other Gerrit related information you think may be useful for other developers here.

Not getting email?

In case you think you should be receiving email from Gerrit but don't see it in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder.  It's possible that your mail reader is mis-classifying email from Gerrit as spam.

Still having a problem?  Open a ticket...


If you have any problems please open a Build Infrastructure issue on the Chromium issue tracker (the "Build Infrastructure" template should be automatically selected).  If you need emergency assistance IM the currently scheduled trooper listed here.