OpenVPN Manual Setup

TODO: Merge this content into the Chrome OS format.

This document, OpenVPN on ChromeOS  (published Google Doc format) contains step by step instructions on getting customized OpenVPN client settings on ChromeOS.

The first part discusses setting up an OpenVPN server (which you can skip if you already have one) and the second shows how to import the necessary certificates into your ChromeOS machine, and finally the last part sets up the network config settings as an ONC file which is then imported into ChromeOS.

  • This does not require a machine to be in developer mode, and can run on a standard ChromeOS image.
  • Google enterprise customers may have access to easier methods of doing this via the ChromeOS device administration features of your account, where an ONC policy can be installed at sign on. These instructions here should work as well, but were intended for use on consumer (e.g. google profiles.