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Chrome Endure: Endurance Testing Framework

This is the home page for Chrome Endure: automated endurance testing infrastructure to expose memory bloat issues with webapps running in Chromium.

Chrome Endure provides infrastructure to automate long-running endurance tests for webapps running in Chromium.  There are several Chrome Endure bots (living in Chromium's buildbot infrastructure) that are continuously running tests that automate selected scenarios for webapps such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Plus.  However, a primary benefit of Chrome Endure is that it gives individual users the ability to locally automate their own endurance test scenarios for their own webapps, and to analyze the results.

Chrome Endure is comprised of pyauto and chromedriver test automation infrastructure, along with basic graphing infrastructure to view the results of the endurance tests.  More information can be found in the links in the subpage listing.