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Chromium Git Migration FAQ

Last updated: 2014/03/03

Why do this?

If you're interested in reasons behind this effort, you can read about that here.

What does this mean for me?

Today you fetch the code through Git and commit changes (when not using the CQ) through SVN.  Once the migration is complete, you will fetch code through Git and commit changes (when not using the CQ) by pushing the change to a Git repository.

Is there a plan somewhere?

Yes, you can read more here.

What can I do to prepare?

You should start using git right now for development and chromium mirroring. The current instructions to get the code highlight how to get a properly configured git checkout of chromium. If you have a checkout produced by the instructions in the link above, then it will continue to work once we do the switch over.

What exactly are you migrating to Git?

This project is focused exclusively on migrating svn:// and the release branches of that repository to be read/write hosted in a Git repository.  Other parts of the SVN tree will not be migrated as part of this project.  We plan to come back to the other parts of the chrome/ SVN repository tree in the future after this is completed.

When will the switch happen?

The exact migration date is not yet set.  Google is organized around quarterly objectives, and so the people on the Infra team working on this project are aiming to have all of the prerequisites for the migration in place by the end of this quarter.  chromium-dev@ will have at least 3-4 weeks notice prior to the migration occurring.  We will pick a migration date in coordination with people involved in the release and trunk branching activity.  We absolutely want to find a date that is out of the way of any sensitive processes, so we'll all do our best to find a date that is the least impacting.

Will you mirror src.git Git repository content back into the SVN repository?

No.  When we migrate the source code to Git, the SVN repository parts that have been migrated will have write access disabled and they will stop being updated.  To fetch repository updates at this time, use a Git client to fetch the Chromium src.git repository.

Will the development process and 6-week release cycle for Chromium trunk and branch changes continue as it always had, just with a Git repository instead of a SVN repository?

Yes, no changes will happen to the 6-week release cycle and development process.