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Experimental Branches

In Blink, there is a special repository where committers can create Git branches that are accepted as pushes. In this repository, refs/heads/* is kept closely in sync with the official Git mirror, so it is a pretty reliable way to work. Here's the quickstart guide to using this repository, adapted from the original announcement email:
  1. Navigate to, log in with your chromium account, click 'Generate New Password', and follow the instructions.
  2. cd <chromium_src>; git remote add -f wip
  3. Hack on some code then commit it locally
  4. git push wip HEAD:refs/wip/<chromium username>/foobar, which creates a publicly accessible branch. Any developer can pull with: git fetch wip '+refs/wip/<chromium username>/foobar:refs/heads/foobar'
Please restrict pushes to the refs/wip namespace, specifically in the
following format: refs/wip/<username or codeword>/<branch name>

If you want to force origin to sync with the experimental repository, do the following:
  1. cd <chromium src>; git config remote.origin.url
  2. git config remote.origin.gclient-auto-fix-url False
  3. git remote update