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Inspecting Ash with DevTools

Ash can now be 'inspected' just like a webpage, using DevTools. This is accomplished by re-using the existing frontend DevTools inspector and creating a backend in Ash which interacts using the DevTools protocol language. 
The design doc for this can be found here.

An example of what the hierarchy looks like:

And, here is a slideshow containing numerous GIFs showing what this is like to use.

Current Features
  • View the window/widget/view hierarchy (as seen above)
  • Selecting nodes in the inspector displays their attributes (height, width, x, y) in the CSS side panel
  • Attributes can be edited right from the CSS side panel.
  • Any changes in the tree (addition/removal/rearranging of elements) in Ash will be reflected in the inspector
  • Hovering over elements in the inspector highlights them in Ash
Planned Features
  • Any animations initiated in Ash are displayed in the inspector under the "Animations" tab and can be replayed
  • Hovering over elements in Ash highlights and expands them in the inspector
  1. Run Chromium with the UI DevTools flag:
    $ chrome.exe --enable-ui-devtools=<port>

  2. In your Chrome browser on Ash, visit chrome://inspect#other

  3. Click inspect Ash in the listing. This will open up the inspector in a new tab.
If you wish to debug remotely, simply open chrome-devtools://devtools/bundled/inspector.html?ws=localhost:<port>/0 in your Chrome browser (the 0 stands for the first inspect-able component which is Ash, for now).