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   What Is This? is a virtual meeting place where Chromium developers can foster community and coordinate work. With so much geographic and organizational diversity in our team, making it easy to have “hallway conversations” in a public online forum like helps keep everyone in the loop.

This workspace is meant for people developing Chromium; it is not a user support forum.

  No Confidential Discussions Please

This is considered a PUBLIC system -- even private messages and groups. 

No confidential information (Google or other) should be posted. Ever.

Official information

Official information needs to go on public mailing lists and in public bugs. Don't believe you've informed everyone because you've said something in a Slack channel.

Yay! How do I join?

First … sign up!

  • Anybody in the AUTHORS file is welcome to join the slack.

  • Folks on allow-listed email domains from AUTHORS can directly use, e.g. or

  • Others listed in AUTHORS should email for an invite link.

  • Furthermore, if you are a part of a project that is significantly related to Chromium and that is significantly owned or maintained by Chromium AUTHORS, you can also have access without being in the Chromium AUTHORS file yourself. Send an email to request access. The list of accepted projects are currently: Angle, Skia, V8, WebRTC.

Then … start interacting!

Example channels:

  • #halp - a channel where all project related questions are welcome
  • #misc - anything
  • #slack-help - the one mandatory channel, a place to ask questions about using slack
  • #sheriffing - what is going on? Is anyone on it?
  • #mojo you're also confused? Join and ask/learn
  • #jumbo - about the awesome unity build system
  • #cxx a place to rant about discuss C++
Any Slack member can create channels when they need one. There are many.

 Good Behavior Required!

As with all Chromium venues, the Chromium Code of Conduct applies here.

Tips and Tricks

There are many pages listing Tips and Tricks for Slack. These are a couple selected to make the transition from earlier systems smoother.

Read like IRC?

Enable "All unread" in settings and read all channels amalgamated.

Quieter slack

  • Mute channels by clicking on the channel name. A muted channel will still notify you if someone triggers an alert by using your name
Remind me

/remind me in 20 minutes to eat lunch
/remind #release at 11:45 May 20, 2020 Release Chromium 80
Right click a post and select "remind me in ..." to get reminded about that post later


If you can, probably best to ask questions on #slack-help. If you can't log in to Slack at all, contact