Config parameters

Options in the dashboard bisect form

  • bisect_bot: This option determines which tester bot (and which platform) is used to run the test.
  • command: The command to execute the test.
  • good_revision: A commit position or commit hash for the Chromium repo. Must be earlier than "bad_revision", even if you're bisecting to find the cause of an improvement.
  • bad_revision: A commit position or commit hash; must be later than "good_revision". 
  • metric: The specific performance result to look for in the test output. This is generally a string of the form "<chart name>/<trace name>", where chart name and trace name are output by the performance test.
  • bug_id: Which bug to update when results are obtained (can be blank).
  • repeat_count: Number of times to repeat the performance test; the test will be re-run until this number is reached, or until "max_time_minutes" has passed, whichever comes first.
  • max_time_minutes: A time limit for running the test on a particular revision. The test won't be repeated any more if this time limit is exceeded. 
  • truncate_percent: The highest/lowest % values will be discarded before computing the mean result for each revision.
  • bisect_mode: What to look at in the test output to classify it as good or bad -- if this is mean or std_dev, the bisect should look at the mean or standard deviation of the performance results for a revision; if it is return_code, then bisect will only check the return code that the test exited with (and it will ignore the "metric").
  • use_archive: Whether or not to archive and re-use builds. Checked by default. If not checked, on legacy bisect this would cause the bisect bot to build and test on one machine. (This option is deprecated and will be removed.)
  • bypass_no_repro_check: After running the test on the good and bad revision, the bisect may abort if it failed to reproduce a significant regression. If this option is checked, this forces the bisector to continue bisecting and trying to find a culprit even there wasn't a clear difference found between the "good" and "bad" revisions.

Options looked at in the bisect recipe

Most of the options above are passed straight to the bisector when starting the job; in addition to these, some additional options may be used by the bisect recipe code itself.

Options still unclear?

Please file a bug explaining how we could better document.