Telemetry: Upload to Cloud Storage

Telemetry: Upload to Cloud Storage

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Install depot_tools

Follow instruction in this page to install depot_tools.

Authenticate into gsutil (not required if already authenticated)

Run the command below and follow the url and instruction for authentication with your account.

depot_tools/third_party/gsutil/gsutil config

When prompted with “What is your project-id?”, leave the project id empty and just press ENTER.

Check your files into the bucket “chromium-telemetry”

Put the target file in the directory you want it to be when downloaded from Cloud Storage, say /path/to/target. Use this command to upload:

depot_tools/ --bucket chromium-telemetry /path/to/target

A SHA1 file /path/to/target.sha1 will be generated for each uploaded file.

You may run the following command for more usage.

depot_tools/ -h

Check the .sha1 files into repository

svn add /path/to/target.sha1

svn rm /path/to/target  # If the file was previously in the repo.


git add /path/to/target.sha1

git rm /path/to/target  # If the file was previously in the repo.

Download the file in python

from import cloud_storage