Compatibility Checklist

When testing compatibility between browsers, look for:
  • Page layout and positioning
  • Audio & video works (including volume / player controls such as ff/rew/play/stop)
  • Flash inputs
  • Plugins - Flash, Real Player, Quicktime
  • DOM property setting
  • JavaScript
  • Menu links and page body links
  • Drop-down menu links
  • Drop-down controls selections
  • Mouse hover and cursor changing verifications
  • Animations, advertisements, popup windows, etc.
  • Font style and sizes
  • Login, logout, file upload and download functions
  • Add, remove, update items in e-commerce shopping carts
  • Tab selections and corresponding descriptions
  • Certificates
  • Expand/shrink folders (or menus)
  • Radio buttons, checkboxes, textarea, text editable
  • Form data submission
  • CTRL operations
  • Submit button handling (including error handling)
  • Select all, copy and paste
  • Images render correctly
  • Games can be played
  • Non-English sites render contents correctly
  • RSS feeds and XML forms parsing