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Providing Network Details for bug reports

How to provide network data for investigating bugs:

  • Create a new tab and go to chrome://net-internals
  • On mobile platforms it may be simpler to go though chrome://net-export
  • Reproduce the network problem in another tab.  It is important to do this only after opening net-internals
  • [optional] Edit the log to remove any information you do not want to share. If you do this, please make sure the modified file can still be loaded in the interface.
  • Either attach the log to a bug in, or send email to the bug investigator. Include any relevant URLs or details to focus on.
  • If the problem that you want to log happens very early and you cannot enable logging through chrome://net-internals, you can add a command line argument to Chrome to start logging as early as possible:
For info about adding command line options see command-line-flags

How to dump the network event log:

Select "Export" from the drop-box in the top left. Add details inside the text box, and click the "Save to file" button.

Ricardo Vargas,
Nov 8, 2013, 12:11 PM
Eric Roman,
Jun 8, 2012, 3:50 PM