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Providing Network Details for bug reports

How to provide network data for investigating bugs:

  1. Create a new tab and go to chrome://net-internals (On mobile platforms it may be simpler to go though chrome://net-export).
  2. If asked to provide a byte-level capture: Select "Capture" from the drop down at the top-left (it'll currently be on "Export") and check the box next to "Include the actual bytes sent/received." Note that captures with this level of detail may well include some personal information and should generally be emailed rather than posted on public forums or bugs.
  3. Reproduce the network problem in another tab.  It is important to do this only after opening net-internals.
  4. Switch back to the net-internals tab, enter some context in the text box and click "Save to file". If you switched to the "Capture" page in step 2 then you'll first need to select "Export" from the top-left.
  5. [optional] Edit the log to remove any information you do not want to share. If you do this, please make sure the modified file can still be loaded in the interface.
  6. Either attach the log to a bug in, or send email to the bug investigator. Include any relevant URLs or details to focus on.
  7. If the problem that you want to log happens very early and you cannot enable logging through chrome://net-internals, you can add a command line argument to Chrome to start logging as early as possible:
For info about adding command line options see command-line-flags

How to dump the network event log:

Select "Export" from the drop-box in the top left. Add details inside the text box, and click the "Save to file" button.

Ricardo Vargas,
Nov 8, 2013, 12:11 PM
Eric Roman,
Jun 8, 2012, 3:50 PM