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Style and Animations Team

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Team Charter

The Style team is a group of engineers, working at Google (Sydney and Tokyo), Opera (Oslo) and Samsung. We are tasked with improving the style engine in Blink. Our responsibility is to maintain and improve style resolution and application (core/css/resolver, core/style), as well as the other parts of CSS (core/css).

The Style and Animations Team together triage bugs with the components Blink>CSS and Blink>Animations.

2017 Goals

  • Explore and improve performance predictability
  • Refactor style engine to be more feature oriented
  • Ship CSS Typed OM
  • Improve interoperability of Web Animations with Mozilla

Eternal goals

  • Maintain ‘code health’ by improving and optimizing style components (CH).
  • Maintain ‘feature health’ (FH).
    • Interface with the rendering steering team to help decide whether to either accept and implement, or reject proposed CSS features.
  • Triage CSS issues as they arise (and eliminate the backlog).
  • Maintain existing features as necessary.
  • Improve knowledge of feature usage and deprecate rare and expensive feature.

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Last updated: May 2017