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Animation Team Resources


Shared Animation Team Drive Folder

This folder is public to view but has limited edit permissions. See the Google-internal team resources for instructions on adding docs to this folder.

Handy Monorail links

Bug Update Labels

Every bug in Blink>Animation must be labelled with an Update-* label giving a target for how often the bug is to be updated. The default categorization is outlined below. These are guidelines only; individual bugs may be given a different label if appropriate.

  • Security bug in stable
  • High visibility/P0 bug

  • Regression bug
  • Crash
  • Assertion failure
  • Test failure

  • Memory leak
  • Test flake

  • Current OKR project work

  • Feature request
  • Code health and cleanup work
  • Non-regression performance issue
  • Non-regression interop or correctness bug


We are collecting a list of things we would like to do someday.

Useful commands

For testing:
ninja -C out/GnDebug blink_tests

blink/tools/ -t GnDebug animations svg/animations web-animations-api imported/wpt/web-animations inspector/animation webexposed

Upstreaming tests to the Web Platform Tests

TODO: Notes about contributing to the web-animations suite in WPT.

Useful Docs and Presentations