When will a fix ship in Chrome (stable or canary)?

Here's a quick guide on how to track changes as they make their way to releases of Chrome. 
This includes all changes to Chrome, including stuff for HTML, CSS, DOM, & DevTools.

On chromestatus.com?

First things first, chromestatus.com was built for this. If the feature is big, it will probably be there.
On the left you can see all features currently in beta. Those should be in stable soon.
You can search for other features and view what release they are Enabled by default.

Not on Chromestatus?

Alright, buckle up. This is fun stuff.
It all comes down to tracking the Chromium revision number.
  • First, we're assuming you're looking at the bug somewhere in code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/
  • Now, when a commit lands, an automated comment is added to the Chromium bug.
  • All commits have a git hash and an incremental revision number.
  • You can see the commit below has 373417
  • Take note of this number and follow on…

Waiting for it to hit Chrome Stable?

Generally it takes ~10 weeks from a commit landing to hit stable. 

Take the Chromium revision number (or the git SHA) and drop it into storage.googleapis.com/chromium-find-releases-static/

Visit https://omahaproxy.appspot.com for the version numbers of the current releases of Chrome.

When does version X ship in stable channel? 
  • Chrome ships a new major version to stable generally every 6 weeks, but in some cases we may choose to skip a release.
  • Chromium Development Calendar and Release Info contains "Estimated Stable Dates", which are roughly 6 weeks apart.

Waiting for it to land in Canary or an Dev build?

You could use the above technique... but here's the guide for hackers or folks who don't want to wait for Canary or Dev Channel:

Get a fresh Chromium build

  • Get the latest chromium in either of these two ways: Download Chromium
    • These builds are generated every hour, so you should be fine.
  • Canary is updated every day (at ~4am PST).
  • Either way, open up either and go to about:version 

  • At the end of the Revision line is the Chromium Rev. 
  • As long as that rev number is higher than the one you're interested in... you're good!
    • (Of course this assumes no reverts of either the commit or the DEPS roll, but you'll probably have spotted those already)

Enjoy the fix or feature you've been waiting for!

Updated Oct 2016
Paul Irish