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Build FAQ


Overview of cbuildbot

How to add metadata to cbuildbot

How to run processes in parallel (chromite.lib.parallel)

Why is the HWTest phase stage 'orange'?

The hardware test phase is 'orange' when it fails with a warning. These warnings occur when a test passed with warnings or after retries. They can also occur with the tests are aborted (see below).

How do I test that my change does not break an incremental build?

To test whether your change breaks an incremental build, you will need to do two builds in a row in the same sandbox. You can do this with local tryjobs like the following:

cros tryjob --local -g 1234 chell-incremental
cros tryjob --local -g 1234 chell-incremental

In, what does important=False mean?

From the documentation in If important=False then this bot cannot cause the tree to turn red. Set this to False if you are setting up a new bot. Once the bot is on the waterfall and is consistently green, mark the builder as important=True.

Google Storage

What bucket can I use for testing?

If you are a Googler, you can use gs://chromeos-throw-away-bucket for testing. Keep in mind that the contents can be read or deleted by anyone at Google.

We also have another similar bucket named gs://chromeos-shared-team-bucket . Probably using gs://chromeos-throw-away-bucket makes more sense since it is clear that the contents there can be deleted by anyone at Google.

If you are not a Googler, you should create your own bucket in Google Storage. 


How do I force emerge to use prebuilt binaries?

emerge -g --usepkgonly

(Note: The --getbinpkg only flag for emerge does not actually work)

How do I check the USE flags for a package I am emerging?

Emerge will tell you what USE flags are used when the -pv flags are provided e.g.

emerge-$BOARD chromeos-chrome -pv


FAQ items covering general development questions

What should I read first/Where do I start?

How can I make changes depend on each other with Cq-Depend?

How do I create a new bucket in gsutil?

How do I port a new board to Chromium OS?

Making changes to the Chromium browser on ChromiumOS (AKA Simple Chrome)

How to install an image on a DUT via cros flash?