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Google Storage Utility (gsutil) FAQ

How do you create new buckets?

It requires administrator access to create new buckets. If you are an administrator, you can create new buckets using the following commands:

$ gsutil mb -p 134157665460 <gs://your-bucket>

$ gsutil defacl get gs://chromeos-image-archive > defacl.txt
$ cat defacl.txt
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<Scope type="GroupById">
<Name> owners</Name>
<Scope type="GroupById">
<Name> editors</Name>
<Scope type="GroupById">
<Name> viewers</Name>

$ gsutil defacl set defacl.txt <gs://your-bucket>
$ gsutil acl set defacl.txt <gs://your-bucket>

The various hex IDs above refer to groups in Google Storage:

  • Owners of the project: 00b4903a97f1459df490156b2b4b28883a83d872295783af92109fdf1d202c64
  • Editors of the project: 00b4903a979ae5f41f9d14ad14bff79e0ed0b3d204897259b50ab97d94bf827b
  • Viewers of the project: 00b4903a9765d22f3a8f0b5ae8eb7f7547317e865b2857883cf2b2e518389ca2

If you want different ACLs, you can edit the defacl.txt file appropriately before setting up the ACLs.

How do you set up prebuilts for a new private overlay?

When you create a new private overlay, you will need to at a minimum create a googlestorage_acl.txt file inside the overlay. This is needed for setting up the builder.

googlestorage_acl.txt file format

The googlestorage_acl.txt file is used to set the permissions for files associated with a particular board. In it are arguments that are passed to the "gsutil acl ch" command, and optional comments which start with a "#" character and extend to the end of the line.

For example, if googlestorage_acl.txt could contain the following:

# For information about this file, see

# Give owners of the project full control.
-g 00b4903a97fb6344be6306829e053825e18a04ab0cc5513e9585a2b8c9634c80:FULL_CONTROL

# Give viewers of the project read access.
-g 00b4903a97ce95daf4ef249a9c21dddd83fdfb7126720b7c3440483b6229a03c:READ

# Give all Googlers read access.

When that file is consumed, the comment will be thrown away and "gsutil acl ch -g" will be called on newly added files.