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We have many packages in the Chromium OS tree. While many come from upstream Gentoo (which can be browsed, there are a good number which are specific to our project. Here you can dive down into them.

Core system

  • chromeos: meta package to pull in all dependencies for a Chromium OS install
  • chromeos-base: Chromium OS specific config files (usually /etc) and user/group id management
  • libchrome: the base / utility library from the Chromium browser (used by many Chromium OS projects)
  • libchromeos: custom Chromium OS utility library
  • metrics: simplify metrics gathering by other packages
  • chromeos-chrome: the Chromium browser


  • debugd: daemon for debugging issues
  • chromeos-dev: set of packages used in developer images and available by running dev_install in release images
  • crash-reporter: crash processing program/uploader
  • crosh: interactive shell for running low level commands, running ssh, etc...
  • dev_install: install dev packages into a base (release) image
  • gmerge: installing packages live onto your device
  • google-breakpad: crash reporting and symbol/stack analysis library
  • ssh-known-hosts: known ssh keys of Chromium OS servers


  • chromeos-factoryinstall
  • memento_softwareupdate
  • update_engine


  • chromeos-coreboot: 1st stage boot loader on x86 platforms
  • chromeos-ec: embedded controller firmware for many ChromeOS devices
  • chromeos-u-boot: 2nd stage boot loader
  • coreboot-utils: utilities for working with coreboot firmeware images
  • dtc: device tree (text files which describe hardware layouts) compiler
  • flashmap: utility for manipulating firmware images
  • flashrom: utility for reading/writing flash chips on devices (which store firmware/etc...)
  • vboot_reference: tools for working with verified boot
  • vboot_reference-firmware: firmware for supporting verified boot


  • xf86-input-cmt: Chromium OS multitouch driver (similar to xf86-input-synaptics, but better!)


  • entd: enterprise daemon -- deprecated in favor of libpolicy (in libchromeos package)
  • power_manager: userspace daemon for performing power-management-related tasks

Media (Audio/Video)

  • adhd: Chromium OS audio server


  • cashew: network statistics package -- integrated into shill now
  • cromo: modemmanager compatible dbus interface to support closed source modem drivers (which are discouraged)
  • flimflam: network manager -- deprecated in favor of shill
  • gobi3k-sdk: SDK for working with Qaulcomm's gobi3k devices
  • gobi-cromo-plugin: plugin for supporting gobi3k modems with cromo (to be replaced & merged with modemmanager)
  • minifakedns: 
  • mobile-providers: 
  • modem-diagnostics: 
  • modem-utilities: 
  • modemmanager: daemon and libraries for managing modem/mobile devices (such as 3G cellular)
  • shill: network manager (similar to the NetworkManager project, but better)
  • vpn-manager: 
  • wpa_supplicant: utilities for managing WiFi 802.11 connections

Security (Crypto/etc...)

  • chaps: 
  • chromeos-ca-certificates: certificates from certificate authorities that the browser in ChromeOS will trust (i.e. https://)
  • chromeos-cryptohome: manager for per-user encrypted home storage
  • chromeos-minijail: 
  • libchrome_crypto: the crypto/ utility library from the Chromium browser (used by a few crypto-related Chromium OS projects)
  • root-certificates: 
  • tpm: 
  • trousers: 
  • verity: full disk encryption and verification (see dm_verity kernel driver)
  • biod: biometrics daemon that is responsible for interfacing with kernel interfaces of biometric devices, securely storing biometric data, and capturing/authenticating biometric input.


  • autotest: Chromium OS tests