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Tabtastic 2 Requirements

This page is a collection of requirements for the third generation Chrome tabstrip implementation.

  • live tab contents during dragging
  • full size dragged representations
  • frame fade transition during detach/attach
  • dragged representation places tab at relevant position in tabstrip (from jar)
  • ability to resume drag in tabstrip after attach
  • ability to resume drag in tabstrip after move from overflow UI
  • overflow UI capability
  • multiselect for drag and close
  • independent continuous animations (View::GetAnimator)
  • generic TabStrip baseclass that does not deal with TabContentses
  • BrowserTabStrip subclass that interacts with TabStripModel (and knows about TabContentses)
  • testing for Layout
  • general testable interface (View-Controller separation)
  • tests for drag and drop using testable interface
  • windows 7 integration for drag and drop targets at screen edges in lieu of the current Dock system that we use on Vista and below.
  • pinned tabs
  • tab coloring
Implementing a system capable of supporting all of this will require some tweaks to TabStripModel and a replacement of the existing Tab/TabRenderer/TabStrip/etc system.
We should avoid adding new features/capabilities to the current tabstrip until this system is implemented