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Leak GDI Objects in Windows


  • Windows Task Manager
    • Add "GDI Objects" column by [View]-[Select Columns...]
    • You may also want to add "Handle", "Thread" and "USER Objects"
  • GDIView (works Win7 32bit and 64bit)

Anti Patterns

DeleteObject with HICON

DeleteObject WIN32 API works all GDI objects except for icon (97559
We must use DestroyIcon.

810    HICON empty_icon =
811        IconUtil::CreateHICONFromSkBitmap(canvas.ExtractBitmap());
812    ImageList_AddIcon(image_list, empty_icon);
813    ImageList_AddIcon(image_list, empty_icon);
814    DeleteObject(empty_icon);

Leak Screen DC aka GetDC(NULL)

GetDC(NULL) returns newly created screen DC. So, you must release it by using ReleaseDC. You may want to use ScopedGetDC (

I would like to draw in bitmap (


235 // Page used alpha blend, but printer doesn't support it. Rewrite the
236      // metafile and flatten out the transparency.
237      HDC bitmap_dc = CreateCompatibleDC(GetDC(NULL));
238      if (!bitmap_dc)

Easy way to know screen DPI:

299  int screen_dpi = GetDeviceCaps(GetDC(NULL), LOGPIXELSX);
300  xform.eM11 = xform.eM22 =
301      static_cast<float>(screen_dpi) / static_cast<float>(render_dpi);

Play Enhanced Metafile Record More Than Once

Oops, some devices don't support alpha blending. We should do alpha blending by ourselves by using bitmap DC (
Since, metafile records having GDI object creation command and stores into lpHandleTable of second parameter of EnhMetaFileProc.

In crhome/renderer/

40 // Play this command to the bitmap DC.
41 PlayEnhMetaFileRecord(*bitmap_dc, handle_table, record, num_objects);
68 // Play this command to the metafile DC.
69 PlayEnhMetaFileRecord(dc, handle_table, record, num_objects);