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Sync diagnostics



  • Located in about:sync (or chrome://sync-internals)
  • Inspired by chrome://net-internals
  • In M35 - Notifications tab has been branched off to chrome://invalidations.
  • Tabs:
    • About tab: "Classic" about:sync page, concise status overview
    • Data tab: dump debugging data to text for copy & paste
    • Notifications tab: Keeps track of incoming sync notifications
    • Events tab: logs for sync-related events
    • Sync Node Browser tab: browse all synced data
    • Search tab: Searching for strings in all synced data
    • Traffic tab: Text dump all of the sent and received messages to and from chrome sync servers.

About tab

  • "Classic" about:sync page
  • Updates on the fly
    • Try moving a bookmark, or stopping and starting sync
  • Some stuff will eventually be moved out, but page is still useful as an overview

Data tab

  • Dump to text button
    • Dumps all info from about and events tab
      • But can also select datatypes info to dump
    • Can be used to tell users to:
      • Open about:sync
      • Repro the problem if possible
      • Wait a while (15-30 seconds)
      • Go to data tab
      • Dump info, paste into bug (or email privately if there's sensitive info)
    • Event log will probably be most useful part
    • Redacts sensitive info
  • Room for improvement
    • Automatically highlight dumped text, add "Copy to clipboard" button
    • Button to add to an existing bug, or create a new one

Notifications tab (up to M35)

  • If a notification is received when the page (not just the tab) is open, a counter will increment (one for each data type)
    • Try moving a bookmark, setting a preference, or stopping and starting sync
    • Takes ~5-10 seconds for a notification to bounce back
    • Total Count of invalidations per each data type
    • Session Counters reset if you reload
  • Room for improvement
    • More detailed connection stats
      • How long has connection been up?  Which XMPP server/port?  How long ago was the last message sent/received?

Events tab

  • Shows all sync events (i.e., functions in SyncManager::Observer and incoming notifications) that happen as long as the page is open
    • Try moving a bookmark, or starting sync (dumps lots of data!)
    • Doesn't quite log everything yet
    • Only logs events after backend is initialized
    • Resets if you reload
  • Room for improvement
    • Store last N events (C++ side) so you can open it right when you hit a problem and still get some useful info
    • Also log requests/responses to HTTP server
    • Perhaps more logging for sync setup events
    • Better display (82866)
    • Start logging even before backend is initialized (tricky)

Sync node browser tab

  • Shows sync nodes
    • Sync nodes are structured in a tree.
    • Each data type has a top-level node which is a child of the root node
    • Only bookmarks sub-tree has true tree structure
      • Everything else is just a list under the top-level node
    • Use links to navigate tree: parent, first child, predecessor, successor
    • Ignore specifics information for folder
  • Tree view version
    • Tree visualized on the left, details of selected node on the right
  • Does not auto-update; you need to refresh
    • Be careful, you may lose logged events; you can always open a new about:sync tab instead
  • Room for improvement
    • Implement auto-updating (hard)
    • Add a refresh button (easier)

Search tab

  • Searches expressions in all the nodes
  • Supports Regex over the JSONified version of each node
  • Has quick searches to provide for easy access to interesting nodes. So far:
    • Unapplied updates
    • Unsynced items
    • Delted items
    • Conflicted items (unapplied and unsynced)

Network-level debugging

  • Sync talks to the sync server via POSTing to
  • Sync talks to the notification servers via XMPP (
  • Both sockets should show up in chrome://net-internals (after 82365 is fixed).

Room for improvement

  • Data type-specific tabs
    • Model associators / change processors have access to the ProfileSyncService, so shouldn't be too hard to emit events or reply to calls
    • Probably easier for things that live on the UI thread
  • Some way to capture VLOG() events
  • Should be obvious when sync isn't working
  • Use HTML notifications for events
  • Front-end for memory usage info (Lingesh is working on backend)